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Emerging Leaders in Food & Agriculture

This event has already passed.

Event Postponed


In light of the current situation with COVID-19 in Colorado and around the country, we are heeding advice from the CDC and the practice of social distancing, and have decided to postpone the Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag event scheduled for March 30. While we recognize that this difficult decision may disappoint some, we hope in the end it proves to be an effective preventative measure.

Currently, we are working with the venue to see what dates may be available later in the year to hold the event. We are also closely monitoring the latest information from the CDC to understand when it is safe for business as usual to resume. We will continue to post updates here and send via email.

Event Summary

Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag aims to train, build community amongst, and honor emerging leaders across the agriculture supply chain in order to ensure that the enormous challenges facing food and agriculture today are addressed by a new generation of innovative, engaged leaders.

Event Details

This action-packed event will include:

   • An awards celebration honoring the Top 20 Emerging Leaders in food and agriculture from across the country

   • Keynote sessions designed to equip emerging leaders with industry knowledge and inspiration

   • Networking opportunities to facilitate fruitful business relationships    

Check out our list of finalists for the Top 20 Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag Awards:


Who should attend:

Leaders working in the agriculture supply chain, from farm to food company. The types of companies these people may come from include:

   • Farm input suppliers

   • Farm equipment companies

   • Bank lenders, agriculture insurance

   • Ag transportation companies

   • Ingredient or food processors

   • Agricultural law firms

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